Helpful answers to common questions

  • What’s the difference between a pressed and a die-cut tortilla?
    A pressed tortilla is made from dough balls that are heat pressed to a specific size. A die cut tortilla is made from a sheet of dough and then cut using a specifically sized die. Catallia produces pressed tortillas which are more commonly used.
  • What’s the difference between whole wheat and whole grain?
    Many different grains can be whole grain, which means they contain all the essential parts and naturally occurring nutrients of the entire grain seed. All whole wheat is whole grain. However, not all whole grain is whole wheat. Catallia produces whole wheat tortillas that are 100% whole grain.
  • What is equivalent bread serving and why do I need to know?
    The USDA has set up standard one bread equivalent credits to determine the minimum number of grams of grain required per serving for school lunch meals. This standard will change to 1 oz. equivalent credits beginning in July of 2013. This measurement is used to help calculate that the proper number of grams of grain is served to children in school, which is 10 to 12 servings per week.
  • Is a basic flour tortilla made with enriched flour?
    Yes, our white flour tortillas are made with premium enriched flour. However, some custom formulations may require different types of flour. For example, our whole wheat tortilla is made with Whole Wheat Flour.
  • Are tortillas low in sodium?
    Sodium content depends on each tortilla product’s formulation. Our white flour tortillas contain the industry average for sodium content; however, our 100% whole wheat tortillas are lower in sodium than the industry average, just over 370mg of sodium per 100g serving size.
  • Are tortillas gluten free and/or do they contain any allergens?
    Our corn tortillas are naturally gluten free but are manufactured in facilities that also process wheat tortillas. Flour tortillas naturally contain wheat, a known allergen. None of our products contain milk ingredients.
  • Are tortillas made with lard?
    Tortillas that are made with lard are made with animal fat. None of our products are made with lard. We use vegetable shortenings in our formulations which may include canola oil. Canola oil and all vegetable oils are cholesterol free. Additionally, canola oil contains lower amounts of saturated fat.
  • Why do tortillas stick and/or tear when I use them?
    Our product formula provides a smooth and silky tortilla texture. In addition, our manufacturing process requires an environment that enables the tortillas to rest at the proper temperature before packaging. As a result, our tortillas do not stick and maintain their flexibility in all menu applications.
  • Are your tortillas kosher?
    Yes, we are a Star-K Kosher certified facility.
  • Can I purchase your tortillas at the grocery store?
    Yes, you can find our Frescados™ brand of tortillas at most major Midwest grocery stores. Ask your store manager for assistance if you cannot find them in the store where you shop.
  • What size tortilla do I need with what application?
    See our recommendations below.
  • 5 inch tortilla — Mini-appetizers, small bites for burgers, tacos and empanadas
  • 6 inch tortilla — Tacos
  • 7 inch tortilla — Larger tacos, table tortillas
  • 8 inch tortilla — Small burritos, quesadillas, small pizzas, wraps
  • 10 inch tortilla — Large burritos, chimichangas, breakfast burritos, flautas, pizzadillas
  • 12 inch tortilla — Large burritos, wraps, large pizzadillas, paninis, roll ups